We do much more than just restorations!

At Glazier-Nolan Mustang Barn, we do much more than just full restorations. We do anything from an oil change to an engine rebuild. Our wide range of quality professional services for your Mustang includes things like:


- Full Service shop. Our customers do not have to hunt down any parts, take components to other shops, track down used parts, etc. Our customers focus on what they require, there is nothing else to worry about.


- Vehicle State Inspection. Emissions is provided by a local trusted shop.


-Oil Changes




-Carburetor, Transmission and Engine rebuilds


-Performance Upgrades: Suspension, Drivetrain, Brakes, etc.


-Component Restorations: Steering boxes, power steering control valves, pumps, cylinders, etc.


-Glass Beading


-Distributor Tuning. Using our original SUN Machine. Provides excellent performance increases.


-Interior Restoration


-Engine Compartment Detail


-Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs


-Door and Quarter Glass. Not working right? We offer full service on all mechanical parts like this.


-And much more! If you have a question about any of our services, please call us at: 1-800-523-6708



We are also able to repair 88'-92' Ford Ranger shock towers. This area very commonly rots away and can be difficult to repair on your own. For a base price of $450, we can make your shock tower good as new. Call for more info.




Check out some of our past projects. See pictures of our restorations from start to finish for these customers' cars!.

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Ask a Tech

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