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    At The Mustang Barn, we offer a full restoration shop that can provide a wide range of services for your car. Read below to learn more about what we do.


    Any shop can slap a sticker on your windshield and take your money. Here at The Mustang Barn we inspect your American Classic to make sure it’s not only PA state compliant but safe for our own family to drive and enjoy. A vehicle inspection makes sure all components, including the structure are in good working order and have no flaws for at least one more year of enjoyment. If there is any question as to the safety of a component, the customer is made aware of the situation. We can then perform the repairs and get your classic back to you ASAP.


    Oil changes are a much underrated maintenance procedure. Clean, quality oil is the blood of the engine. If you don’t change your oil every 3k miles the life of your engine can be shortened by a significant amount. Even when your classic sits and is not used, the viscosity of the engine oil breaks down and loses its lubrication qualities. Here at The Mustang Barn we encourage our customers to come in once a year or every 3k miles for an oil change, filter, and lube. We use an additive ZDD-Plus in every oil change to make sure zinc is present for the all flat tappet engines.


    The Mustang Barn can perform tune ups as well. From the normal plugs, wires, points, condenser, rotor and cap replacement to electronic ignition upgrades, distributor recurves and carburetor rebuilds. It’s amazing how much more horse power and fuel efficiency you can obtain from a proper tune up.


    Carburetor rebuilds are done here in-house. For a show quality look, we have the carb parts plated before assembly. Most transmission jobs are done here in house as well. We don’t just install new gaskets here. We completely disassemble a transmission and repair or replace any components before rebuilding. We use the highest quality hard parts and gaskets on the market. We actually gut a valve body and totally clean it, as other shops do not. A shift kit and upgraded torque converter can be added to flow with the horse power of your engine. Engines are disassembled here and sent to a trusted local machine shop. You as the customer have the choice of a stock rebuild up to a high horsepower race engine. The machine shop returns the rotating assemblies back to us raw. We clean paint and assembly the bolt on components. The engines are run in here in house. Please e-mail or call with that dream engine, transmission or carburetor set up you have always wanted.


    The Mustang Barn welcomes all generation Mustangs for performance upgrades. Find that rack and pinion kit you want and we can install it. Upgrade your camshafts and exhaust on your 2008, we can install them for you and have your Mustang dyno tuned. The shop installs a lot of power steering conversions, disc brake conversions as well as T-5 and TKO conversions. AOD conversions are also very popular and something we can install for you. The three and four link rear suspension kits are a great upgrade for street performance. Give Dan a call to discuss your dream additions to your Mustang and other Classics.


    This is for you restoration folks. Bring in your stainless molding and we will repair and polish it to new condition. The Mustang Barn has been restoring steering boxes, control valves and slave cylinders for many years. Although cores are becoming harder to find, we are more than happy to restore your components. We make sure that all parts are cleaned, repaired, replaced and checked for proper adjustment before assembly. If there is any question of functionality, parts are replaced before continuation. For that extra show quality look, we also paint your components the correct stock colors. A lot of people are doing this type of work these days but not as in depth as us. Turn around times on component restorations are a couple days if we have the parts needed to do the job.


    The shop would be happy to glass bead any component you would like on your Mustang or American Classic. It’s great to be able to start with bare metal and restore your part from the ground up. We can help you get started by getting off all that old paint and rust. Turn around times are typically very short depending on the parts you bring us.


    The shop is fortunate to still have a SUN Machine. This is a wonderful tool for recurving any distributor you have. We have had amazing power gain results in both stock and street performance applications. We take your drive train specs and match the mechanical and vacuum advance of your distributor. Electronic ignition is not a problem. All American Classics are not a problem. We had an Olds 442 in the shop whose customer thought we could never get his car running better after three old mechanics worked on it. An hour and a half later he could not believe the amount of difference with just a couple degrees of timing with the correct curve. Cost for this process starts at $85.00 plus parts. Installing new bushings is T&M on top of the recurve.


    The shop can perform a partial or full interior restoration. We can install a new headliner to replace the brittle or cracked original. If you want just the seats upholstered, we can do that too. Sometimes a new carpet is the only thing you need to freshen up your interior. We are well known for our full interior restorations where every component is stripped, painted, repaired, replaced, restored or reupholstered. The interior will look just as new as it did 50 years ago. The shop can also perform custom interiors. We use TMI products or have customer made upholstery done for your resto mod needs.


    The shop can offer a lot of different options on engine compartment detail from a quick spray paint job to totally restoring the front end of your Mustang. We can perform this job with or without removing your engine and other bolt on components. We help suit each customers individual needs and at the same time provide something you will be proud of in the end.


    It can be difficult or even impossible to diagnose electrical problems on your own or over the phone. Schedule to have your Mustang brought in for a visual diagnosis and repair of your electrical system. Our shop purchases the best plug and play wiring harnesses on the market that perform very well. The shop can also install Painless and American Auto Wire harnesses. We do our best to make sure your car's electrical components run as good as new.


    Some customers don’t drive their Classic because they can’t roll the window up and down. Don’t let a simple lubrication or regulator replacement stop you from enjoying your Mustang. We can also adjust the glass to try and relieve that annoying air noise or fitment issue. The shop can also convert your glue in glass to bolt in glass. We install windshields and back glass.


    Give us a call today to discuss any work you need done on your Mustang! With our years of experience we have done it all. We look forward to helping you restore your dream car back to show quality.


    Call today!  1-800-523-6708.

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